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Clear-Cut Technology Solutions engineers' experiences cover a broad range of IT needs. Our staff can design and install an enterprise network, as well as track down and fix pesky problems which have been slowly eating away at your productive time, not to mention your sanity.

Our services include:

We offer hourly rates as well as Small Office Maintenance Plans to suit the on-going technical support needs of your business.

Technical Consulting
You know what your business goals are, but how can you effectively use technology to reach them? Talk to us. We can help you decide what technology will work best to give you positive results without breaking the bank. We will find suitable answers which work for your business environment, improve your capabilities and still meet your bottom line.
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LAN/WAN/WLAN Solutions
The network is at the core of all IT infrastructures, whether wireless, fiber, or copper. A stable, secure, and well managed network is the key to keeping that infrastructure solid. Clear-Cut Technology Solutions engineers are well versed in the latest network technology. We can specify requirements and bring in appropriate contractors to build a network from the ground up to best meet your needs, or analyze and advise on upgrading your existing network as required. We also provide ongoing maintenance programs to ensure your network is functioning as intended.
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Server and Network Support
Changing technology means a variety of options are available to meet your collaborative business needs. Whether it is a network server running critical local databases and end-user access control or an offsite collaborative cloud solution such as Google Drives or Microsoft 365, our engineers have experience with a variety of server configurations and versions of operating systems. We can help you decide what systems will work best for your situation and install or configure them for you. With experience in migrations as well as integration of disparate systems, our engineers can keep your technology current and operating under a unified strategy.

As with our LAN/WAN Solutions, we offer ongoing maintenance programs where your servers are regularly patched and monitored to ensure that they are running in top form.

Should the need arise, our engineers are also adept at disaster recovery. For any systems we are asked to manage or consult on, we will set up disaster recovery procedures. We highly recommend “cloud based” back up systems in addition to local data backup options.
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Email Solutions
Email is just as much of a necessity as a phone. But what email service provider is the best for your needs? Clear-Cut Technology Solutions can help you choose the best provider for your specific use scenario and help implement that into your work environment. Many email service providers offer collaborative suites which were once only available to major enterprises. We are prepared to set up whatever email or collaborative system which works best for you, as well as assist in guiding you and your employees on how to use these tools.
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Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Plans

Disaster Recovery Plans should be part of every company's Business Continuity plan. Ask yourself this: How much data can I afford to lose? If a PC was stolen or a fire swept through my office, is my company data recoverable? What if I accidentally delete the most important database I own and it's not in the Recycle bin? What do I do when the latest virus infects every Word document I own?

According to a University of Texas study, 94% of companies suffering a catastrophic data loss will not survive – 43% don't re-open and 51% close within two years. Studies by both Gartner and IDC have found that over 60% of corporate data resides on desktops and laptops. Less that 8% of users, however, backup on a daily basis.

Clear-Cut Technology Solutions will work with you to identify all critical data and devise an appropriate fault tolerant plan to prepare your business for survival of any occasion of data loss -- from theft, fire, earthquake, virus, or over-zealous use of the delete key. We can keep you from becoming another depressing statistic on a University of Texas study.
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Desktop Support
While servers, switches, and routers get a great deal of attention, the local desktop computer remains your employees' most important tool. Your network resources may be wonderful, but without good access to them they may as well be non-existent. Clear-Cut Technology Solutions does not forget that your employees are the ones getting the work done for your business, and we are ready and able to troubleshoot computer problems to get them solved quickly and effectively.
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Purchase Consulting
Purchasing new software or hardware can often be a confusing prospect. There are many different choices, and nobody wants to make a mistake and buy less than the best tool for the job. Making the right purchasing decisions can not only save you money, but can also make a large difference in how successfully the new products get rolled out and used. We can help. We are familiar with a variety of implementations, and we can help you make the right choice.

Clear-Cut Technology Solutions never forgets that your staff needs to use and support anything you purchase. It is important to keep in mind training and support costs for new acquisitions, and we can assist you with those issues too.
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Documentation Services
In an IT infrastructure one of the most neglected items, and yet one of the most powerful tools, is documentation. Clear, concise, and accurate documentation makes a huge difference to the efficient running of any IT infrastructure. Clear-Cut Technology Solutions can help you here as well. We can trace out and document any or all aspects of your existing network and put it together into a clear and useful format. Of course, we will also provide clear documentation on any work we do for you.
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