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About Clear-Cut Technology Solutions

Technology consultants who are skilled and comfortable working in a variety of business environments. Our upbeat team brings good humor along with many years of technical expertise. We tailor our services to fit your applications, your budget and your schedule. And we speak your language: business! We are techno-geeks without the techno-speak.

Our Mission Statement:
Clear-Cut Technology Solutions implements business-savvy technology solutions for the PC desktop, network, and Internet-connected needs of small businesses. Our clearly presented solutions are scalable, reliable, cost-effective and user-friendly.

Our Vision Statement:
Empowering small businesses through technology.

The Founder:
Roseanne Murphy, Master CNE
A Master Certified Novell Engineer, Roseanne is well versed in wearing many hats in a variety of sizes of networks. Since entering the IT field in 1998, Roseanne has supported networks as large as 2000 end users and as small as 2. Over the years, it is safe to say Roseanne has seen, implemented, fixed, migrated, upgraded, retired, and replaced pretty much everything any small business has ever had in production. And she still says that every single day she sees something new that makes her say, “Huh, well that’s different.”

Classically trained in documentation and project management, one of Roseanne's strongest assets is her attention to detail. Prior to entering the technology field, Roseanne also studied journalism at the University of Georgia. Having spent several years as a writer for newspapers and magazines, she has a unique ability to convey technical issues to a wide range of audiences, suiting the terminology appropriately to the recipient's frame of reference. Her writing skills are a valuable asset to any client when creating both end-user training manuals as well as network documentation.

She is also just a really down-to-earth and interesting person to talk to who just happened to write most of the text on this site, including this somewhat self-aggrandizing bio.