CCTS utilizes state of the art remote support software.  We can remote to any computer with an Internet connection and troubleshoot your issue.  Below is where you enter the 6 digit pin code given to you by a CCTS representative to access your PC.

Enter your 6-digit PIN code:

When you are prompted to "RUN" the program
(this typically happens twice), select "RUN" at both prompts.


Clear-Cut Technology Solutions has been using LogMeIn Rescue products since March of 2007 to support clients.  It has been our experience that LogMeIn provides some of the best interfaces and most reliable support options available at a reasonable price to tech support providers.  If your tech support group is not using a service like LogMeIn to support your needs, ask for it.  We feel it is one of the best investments we have ever made for taking care of our clients.

We are not a reseller of LogMeIn products and get no reimbursement for this endorsement.  We simply feel they provide great secure remote access products.


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