About Clear-Cut Technology Solutions

Clear-Cut Technology Solutions is a small group of technology consultants who are skilled and comfortable working in a variety of business environments. Our upbeat team brings good humor along with many years of technical expertise. We tailor our services to fit your applications, your budget and your schedule. And we speak your language. We are techno-geeks without the techno-speak.

Our Mission Statement:
Clear-Cut Technology Solutions delivers business-savvy technology solutions for the PC desktop, network, and Internet needs of small and mid-size businesses. Our clearly presented solutions are scalable, reliable, cost-effective and user-friendly.

Our Vision Statement:
Excellence in small business technical support.

Meet the Founders:
Roseanne Murphy, Master CNE
A Master Certified Novell Engineer with extensive production experience in four versions of Novell's premier network operating system, Roseanne is well versed in wearing many hats in a variety of sizes of networks. Classically trained in documentation, and equally at home with Windows servers as with NetWare boxes, one of Roseanne's strongest assets is her attention to detail and complete commitment to quality work done right. Roseanne also studied journalism at the University of Georgia, spending several years as a writer, and thus has a unique ability to convey technical issues to a wide range of audiences, suiting the terminology appropriately to the recipient's frame of reference. Her writing skills are a valuable asset to any client when creating both end-user training manuals as well as network documentation.

Ivan Clarke
Building his first PC LAN in 1986, Ivan brings to the table 20 years of extensive professional, expert level technical skills. During Ivan's technical career, one can safely say he has seen it all. From programming to cabling, he has successfully sat lead in numerous projects from workstation rollouts to WAN design. Ivan's history as a hands-on technical manager allows him exceptional insight of most management needs and allows him to quickly gauge a solution tailored to your situation. The laundry list of his skills include: LAN and WAN design (Ethernet, Token Ring, ATM, wireless); student training LAB construction (Mac and PC); specifying detailed electrical, telecommunications, and network requirements for both new construction and moves/remodels of data centers, enterprise level systems installations, and end-user workspace; network security; Cisco and Extreme router and switch configuration; managing heterogeneous, mixed protocol, mixed topology networks; programming; staff management; and deciphering the inner workings of obscure implementations of legacy systems for which no documentation exists.


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